Earth Wisdom Programme


Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge

Maps of Wholeness and Balance


History of the Earth Wisdom Teachings

These Teachings have evolved over thousands of years with the indigenous peoples in the land of the Maya in Mexico. They were developed from their relationship to the Earth, the Seasons, the Plants, the Animals and from exchanging culture with other tribal groups.

At a time of great upheaval in the land of the Maya, the Teachings were carried to the mouth of the Mississippi by a Mayan priestess, Flys Crow, where a community based on the Teachings was founded. Over time, this way of Quetzalcoatl flowed out, touching many tribes. The teaching Wheels (glyphs) became part of the oral tradition carried by many tribes.

In 1879 a Council of these tribes was held in Oklahoma which saw that the teaching of this ‘Way of the Wheels’ was in peril. It decided to give the remaining Teaching belts into the hands of thirty-seven Medicine Women to keep the culture of the wheels alive. One of these belts has passed to our Teachers, the founders of Ehama Institute, RainbowHawk and WindEagle.

RainbowHawk and WindEagle carry the dream to: “Breathe these Teachings into the world. It is time and maybe some good will come of this.” 


About the Guides

Husband and wife Ann Roberts and David Kell will lead the programme. They met RainbowHawk and WindEagle in 1996 and began training in 1997. On completion of their training they travelled with them in Europe guiding various Ehama Institute programmes.

For fifteen years Ann and David have offered Earth Wisdom and Wellbeing programmes in Scotland and Europe. They weave together this ancient wisdom with their own interests and learning offering a wide range of programmes that support individuals, teams, communities and organisations become more whole and more balanced. Two recent new strands to their programmes are Self Leadership and Natural Nutrition. Whilst Ann and David will guide the group, all come as Teachers and we will learn and grow from what we each bring.


What Participants have Said

For me the design of the programme was excellent with the right balance of teaching and personal practice. You both work so well together, complement each other and are experts at holding and shifting the energy of the group. The passion and joy you hold for the Teachings and sharing them with others is infectious.’

If the true test of effective training is its ability to effect lasting change in behaviours then this programme has achieved that and much more. I came away from each weekend excited about the power of each new tool to help me transform and create the life I want for myself.’


Who Should Attend?

This programme is for people who:

* are aware of the power of deepening their relationship with the Earth and all of Nature

* are called to explore deeper spiritual practices in their lives

* would like to learn and experience community building and decision making tools

* wish to learn tools and protocols that bring balance to relationships with the Self and others.

* want to improve their life-balance through increased self-knowledge and accessing their intuitive insight

* are feeling under pressure to handle the challenges facing them and would like to explore new ways to respond

* feel they have untapped potential to be more successful and happier in their lives

This programme is for anyone seeking to live more effortlessly, more deliberately and more consciously.


What to expect from the programme

The foundation of the programme is to explore our place as a Human within the Universe and deepen our relationship with Nature, with the Mother Earth. She is our Teacher and Guide.

From remembering and accessing these ancient wisdom ways we offer participants the opportunity to bring more wholeness and balance in their personal and community relationships.

During the programme participants will:

* journey as a circle of like-minded people interested in ancient wisdom

* be taught, experience and practice Earth Wisdom maps of wholeness and balance

* use these wisdom ways to explore their life journey to reveal what is needed to walk their unique ‘Beauty Way’

be guided during the ceremonies and in the time in-between to bring conscious awareness to everyday life

* Share different energy practices including movement, song and drumming.

* People have said that, as a result of deepening with the Teachings, they feel happier and more able to respond creatively to the challenges they face in their lives.


Practical Details

This journey of self-knowledge is about expanding consciousness, increasing self-awareness and accessing deeper intuitive knowing. Through individual and group activities at the ceremonies and the “in-between” development practices, participants will gradually and safely reveal what is needed to live their lives in a more whole and balanced way.


The programme will take place at Ling Training, Robinhill, Sheriffbrae, Forres IV36 1DP


Dates & Timing

The full programme consists of four weekend ceremonies each beginning on the Friday at 6 pm and completing on the Sunday by 4 pm.

We invite people to experience the first weekend before deciding to commit to the rest of the programme. The suggested dates after July will be agreed with the group who decide to journey together:

Ceremony 1 – 27-29 July

Ceremony 2 – September

Ceremony 3 – November

Ceremony 4 – January 2013

Prices: – The full price for each weekend is £120 with concessions being available.

The price includes teaching, teaching materials, venue costs including meals. Anyone needing suggestions for B&B accommodation, please let us know.

Contact: For further information and booking, please contact David on 01259 760449 or

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