Guest Teachers


Master Wu - TaiJi Mother Form, Taiji Bagua Sound Healing and Dancing with Your Brush

Master Zhongxian Wu, recognized lineage holder of multiple schools of Taiji and Qigong, is author of award winning books on traditional Chinese cultivation techniques.  He has been offering unique and professionally designed workshops and seminars for beginning and advanced students, as well as patients seeking healing, since 1988.

Master Wu is teaching Taiji Mother Form, 22 July, 2013,  as well as Taiji Bagua and Sound Healing on 20-21st July, 2013 at Robinhill, in Forres, Scotland. He is also teaching his Chinese Calligraphy course: Dancing with Your Brush on 19th July, 2013 at Moray Art Centre.


Ann Roberts and David Kell - Earth Wisdom Programme

For fifteen years Ann and David have offered Earth Wisdom and Wellbeing programmes in Scotland and Europe. In 1996, they met mayan elders, RainbowHawk and WindEagle, and in 1997, began training with them at the Ehama Instititute in the USA. On completion of their training they travelled with their teachers throughout Europe, guiding various Ehama Institute programmes. 

  Now, they weave together this ancient wisdom, with their own interests and learning, offering a wide range of programmes that support individuals, teams, communities and organisations become more whole and more balanced.

  Ann and David are facilitating the Earth Wisdom Programme, commencing in late July, with a free introductory afternoon and seed-planting ceremony being held at Robinhill on the 26th May.  


Claralynn Nunamaker – Compassionate Communication

Claralynn Nunamaker, director of Compassion ‘n Action, has earned an ordinary-degree-level Certificate in Counselling and Groupwork from the Centre of Therapy in Glasgow (SCQF level 9). She is currently pursuing certification as a HeartMath Interventions practitioner. She has trained with NVC founder Marshall Rosenberg, as well as well-respected trainers including Dominic Barter (Brazil) and BayNVC’s Miki Kashtan.
  Claralynn has a diverse background in business administration, communication, natural resource management and the arts. With a double masters in Natural Resources and Environmental Engineering, she has transitioned from a successful career in forestry to sharing Compassionate Communication skills she has personally found invaluable. 

Claralynn is facilitating the course in Compassionate Communication, running from 24 Sept to 12 Nov, Monday evenings, at Robinhill.


For info on our core team teachers, see our Ling Team page here.

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