Qi Practices in Daily Life

Learn to be aware of your actions, your clarity of intention, the state of your Qi in every moment and your connection with everything around you at all times.

- Qi Practice in the Garden - with Ronald Staal

Ronald is an accomplished gardner from the Netherlands, with over 20 years working experience and 8 years training in the profession. His grounded calm personality and background in community gardening projects has inspired countless people to deepen their connection to nature.  He practices Qi-Gong and daily and integrates these disciplines into his gardening work creating an attractive package for people that attend his courses to not only learn about gardening, but also to explore the profound experience of ‘movement meditation’.
His vision for the Shen Foundation in the coming years involves many projects that will truly transform the centre into a melting pot for both  high technology and old wisdom. It will act as a training centre and example for many other communities inspiring them to take similar steps to achieve a sustainable holistic world.

- Qi Practice in Traditional Chinese Cooking - with Wendy Wei

Wendy is a professional Chinese chef with over 20 year’s experience.

She ran her own successful Chinese restaurant many years ago, and now lives and works in Forres, Scotland. At the Chinese Cooking Nights, you will be able to watch Wendy cook a range of healthy, organic (when possible), vegetarian dishes with full explanations of techniques and ingredients. You will then sit down and eat dinner together as a group to share conversation, observation and good food!

- Qi Practice with Chinese Tea - with Therese (Mingming) Poon

This is an opportunity to experience what a Chinese tea ceremony is like. You will be introduced to the tea-ware used in the Gong Fu Cha Dao, including the exquisite smelling cups. Delight in the taste and healing properties of high quality Chinese teas.

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