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Bisong Guo

Dr Bisong Guo is the founding director of the Shen Foundation. She has devoted her life to the healing and transformation of humanity. Dr Guo studied both Western and classic Chinese Medicine and is a Qigong master. She is experienced and skillful in opening the potential in human beings.

Dr Guo was born in China. She studied Western Medicine at Fuzhou Medical School before specialising in Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM).  For over three decades she has extensively practiced Qigong, studying with Buddhist Qigong masters and Daoist monks in remote mountainous regions of China. In 1989 she moved to England and established a practice at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, where for twenty years she practiced, treating about ten thousand patients.

Dr Guo has lectured on Chinese Medicine extensively in England, continental Europe, Australia and the USA.  She still travels widely overseas conducting seminars and workshops and continues to teach Qigong all over the world.

Dr Guo has published a popular selling book, entitled ‘Listen to Your Body – the Wisdom of the Dao’, with editions in English, Thai, Italian and Chinese.  She has also written a second book, ‘Internal Alchemy – A New Perspective’, as well as two English articles for TCM Journals.


Therese (Mingming) Poon

With a family background in Chinese Medicine (CM) Therese Poon has been raised to be familiar with philosophies of Daoism, Buddhism and spiritual development. Her father, Warwick Poon, has run a busy Melbourne based CM Clinic for more than 20 years and from 8 years of age Therese developed an interest in CM whilst spending time there.

  In 2005 she graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Health Science for Chinese Medicine, specializing in Acupuncture. Soon after graduation, Therese moved to Beijing, China to continue her studies on a one-to-one basis with Professor Zhang ShiXiong, a renowned Doctor of Chinese Medicine at the Beijing Mei Tan General Hospital. She also took the opportunity to learn from several other CM doctors during her twelve month stay.

  In 2007 Therese began a three-year apprenticeship with CM Doctor and Qigong Master, Dr. Bisong Guo. Travelling extensively throughout Australia, China, and Europe she studied the arts of Internal Alchemy, Medical Qigong, Chinese Tea Ceremony and Daoist Well-being. After completing her studies Therese periodically locums for her father seeing, on average, 50 patients a week.

  Currently based in Forres, Scotland and with the endorsement of her Qigong teacher, Therese is now teaching introductory levels of medical Qigong by way of weekend workshops, residential retreats and individualized private lessons. In addition to this, Therese offers acupuncture treatments in Forres and Inverness and teaches Chinese tea ceremonies throughout the UK.



Ronald Staal

Ronald is an accomplished gardener from the Netherlands, with over 20 years working experience and 8 years training in the profession. His grounded calm personality and background in community gardening projects has inspired countless people to deepen their connection to nature.  He practices Qi-Gong and meditation daily and integrates these disciplines into his gardening work creating a calming and grounding environment for people that attend his courses, not only to learn about gardening, but also to explore the profound experience of “Qi Practices in Daily Life”


 Patrick Lorenz

    Patrick became interested in bodywork following a knee injury and operation in 2000 and subsequently trained in Shiatsu with the European Shiatsu School, in Brighton, UK. He then continued studies in Oriental Medicine and Ear acupuncture at the Yuan Traditional Medicine College and has been practicing Shiatsu and Ear-acupuncture as well as running courses in Stress Management for the past ten years.

  In 2011, Patrick moved to Forres, Scotland, for a change of pace. He is now a valued teacher, team member and co-ordinator at Ling Training. 


Our Staff…

Jill Marsden

  Jill worked in mainstream business for many years and also has a background (for the past 20 years) predominantly in healing – Spiritual Healer and Reiki Master. Her many interests have also included Kinesiology (Touch for Health), Taoist Tai Chi and Nordic Walking, together with teacher training in Louise L Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life”. Currently she is learning Qigong and studying Daoism and assists in all areas of co-ordination and administration at Ling. 


further info on our other Ling staff here soon!

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