Chinese Medicine

At Ling Training we’re blessed to have a very accomplished team of healers. If you were seeking treatment for any number of ailments feel free to contact us for an appointment. Click Here for contact information

At the moment we offer Chinese medicine treatments from two practitioners (see below). For more information about What Chinese medicine is and how it can help click here


Our Practitioners

- Dr. Bisong Guo

For 35 years I have been practicing Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) and have treated over ten thousand patients. In 1989 I moved to England and established a CCM practice in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.  As well as treatments, I have been teaching Qigong (Daoist Internal Alchemy) workshops and retreats  for over twenty years around England, Continental Europe, Australia, China and The United States.  I have also been lecturing in Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) for numerous universities and associations.

In China I first studied Western Medicine at Fuzhou Medical School before specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  For almost thirty years I have intensively practiced Qigong, studying with Buddhist Qigong masters and Daoist monks in remote mountainous regions of China.

In my approach to Chinese Medicine I  believe in the concept of self healing.  I encourage the fact that you are your own master and all that is needed to heal is to trust the divine within yourself.


- Therese (Mingming) Poon

  Therese Poon graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Health Science in Chinese Medicine, specializing in Acupuncture. After graduating Therese moved to Beijing, China to continue her studies with Professor Zhang ShiXiong, a renowned Doctor of Chinese Medicine at the Beijing Mei Tan General Hospital.
In 2007 Therese did a 3 year apprenticeship in Qigong with Dr. Bisong Guo. Traveling extensively throughout Australia, China, United Kingdom and continental Europe in assistance to Dr. Guo she studied the arts of internal alchemy, medical qigong, Chinese tea ceremony and daoist wellbeing.
Therese is now based in Forres, Scotland offering Chinese medical treatments, Chinese tea ceremonies and basic Qigong instruction.


Treatment Destinations and Fees

Back in Balance, Forres

.   Dr. Bisong Guo – £45   .   Therese Poon - £35   .

142 High Street
Forres, Morayshire
IV36 1NP
tel: 01309 696 984

Riverdale Centre, Inverness

.   Therese Poon - £35   (Initial Consult- £40)   .

The Riverdale Centre
105-107 Church Street
Inverness IV1 1EY
tel: 01463 250 589

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